Discover Our Capabilities On Product Quality Inspection

On-site Inspection

We offer this full inspection as a solution to ensure that each unit in your order is in line with your requirements. We will send our crew of professionals on-site to do the whole inspection process
step-by-step from the factory to make sure that everything is ready before shipping. As a result,
you could sell your products directly on your online store without any concerns
about product quality.

Factory visit & Inspection

Personally, join us in China and be accompanied by our experienced agents in your factory inspection tour. We will handle all the details of your visit for you. We will contact the factory, reserve your hotel and interpret during the factory meeting to ensure that smooth communication and clear negotiations take place.
Should you be interested in a personal visit, please speak with your personal agent and enquire
about our fee structure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still open questions?

We can do sourcing for most of the goods in China.

Yes, different products have a different minimums quantity for order.

Yes, we can ship to any country depending on the deal and Quantity that we agree on.

Yes, we have both Air and Sea freight and shipping services.

Yes, we have an inspection service in China, that we send one of our experts to the concerned factory and check it first if it’s verified or not, then we make an appointment with them to visit and to check your goods with attaching pictures and videos as a proof for you with testing, analyzing and showing the results as well.

Yes, Send us your CV at

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